6880 Financial Drive
Mississauga, Ontario

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Property Description
Owner (legal name) Meadowvale Holdings Limited
Building Address 6880 Financial Drive, Mississauga
Year Built  2000
Class A
Size 811, 949 sf Gross Leaseable Area
Number of Floors Tower 1- 9
Number of Floors Tower 2 - 9
Typical Floor Plate

Tower - 1: 42,170 sf

Tower - 2: 42,170 sf

Number of Spaces 4,142 stalls (underground and two multi-level parking decks)


Tower – 1: 4 manned bays

Tower – 2: 3 manned bays

2015 Additional Rent Estimate (PSF)
Operating Costs $11.43 (includes utilities)
Realty Taxes $5.25
Total $16.68
Technical Specifications
Elevators Each Tower has 6 passenger, 1 service and 1 parking elevator

Each tower has a central heating plant consisting of five steel-tube, natural gas-fired boilers with forced draft burners located in the penthouse. Each boiler is rated at 6,000 MBh (input), 4,800 MBh (output).

The central cooling plant in each tower consists of three centrifugal chillers manufactured by York located in the penthouse chiller room. The chillers in Tower 1 are rated at 600 tons each and the chillers in Tower 2 are rated at 500 tons each.

Outdoor air is supplied to each tower by two main air handling units located in the Fan Rooms on the penthouse levels and distributed to the compartmental units located on each floor through ventilation air duct risers (two per tower). The air handling units have nominal capacities of 18,800L/s (40,000 CFM).


24/7 manned security,

CCTV system, with 94 cameras monitoring the freight and shuttle elevators, ground level entrances, loading docks, base building areas and the site.

Onsite Amenities

Tim Hortons, Starbucks and a full service fresh market

Other tenant amenities located directly adjacent to the property

A full-service daycare facility, outdoor fitness and sports area and Meadowvale North Retail shops, a destination restaurant campus with over 30 food service providers, stores and services.


In addition to being BOMA BESt Level 3 Certified in 2015, the Property has received multiple prestigious awards throughout its 15-year existence:

•BOMA ‘Building of the Year’ (Toronto) (2015 and 2004)

•BOMA ‘Outstanding Building of the Year Award’ (2010)

•BOMA ‘Outstanding Building of the Year Award’ (Canadian Region) (2004)

•BOMA ‘Certificate of Building Excellence’ (2015, 2010, 2007, 2004)

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